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Loved the voice of the host. The layout of the program is well structured, and organized. This program is really a good fit for people that have works related to data, or are interested in statistic world. You can always learn a thing or two via Periods of leisure time.
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I love Jonas's practical approach to Data Science. He is not looking at the glitzy "AI" projects, but at how it is used in jobs from different fields of work.
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A great overview about Data Science and digital transformation Jonas is doing a great job at explaining the world of Data Science for beginners, while asking highly relevant questions to his guests, which are shaping that world. A great podcast for professionals, that want to improve their value creation with data.
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Great podcast for gaining understanding! Jonas is doing a great Job, asking the right questions and addressing super interesting topics, thanks for sharing!! With only 3 episodes this podcast already provides a very good impression of what it’s like to work with data.

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