Episode 9: Moritz Schuster – AI in the Innovation Process

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Shoe Notes

Moritz Schuster

Guest: Moritz Schuster

Moritz Schuster, who goes by Mo, did a Master’s at Pforzheim University in Creative Communication and Brand Management.

The research question of Mo’s Thesis was to figure out, if and how AI can support or replace humans in each step of the innovation process.


AI can be used in many areas. From finding the best search results based on a keyword over recommending the next movie to watch to driver-less vehicles.

Another field for applying AI is innovation management.

Moritz Schuster writes in the introduction to his thesis “AI not only offers the potential to generate new innovations, but also an approach to disruptively change innovation management.”

In our conversation, we talked about his definition of AI and Innovation and discussed the innovation process he derived from his research. We went through each step of the innovation process and discussed if and how AI can help in each step. Mo gave great insights and examples.

In the end, we also briefly touched on how human-machine interaction will look in the future and discussed the social impact this might have.


[02:03] – Introduction of Mo

[02:28] – Introduction to the Thesis

[03:35] – Definition of Innovation

[04:26] – Description of the Innovation Process

[05:34] – Summarization of Innovation Process

[08:34] – Clarification on AI Definition

[09:27] – Biggest Potential of AI in a Company

[11:12] – The challenges of implementing AI

[12:26] – How AI can support in the Innovation Process

[13:14] – Step 1: Initialization

[15:33] – Step 2: Problem Analysis

[17:02] – Where the findings more based on use cases or research papers?

[17:32] – Step 3: Idea Generation

[20:25] – Step 4: Idea Implementation

[23:11] – Step 5: Test and Validate

[24:17] – Step 6: Product Launch

[28:08] – Human/Machine Interaction and its Challenges

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