Episode 8: Albert Pusch – Being Data-Driven as a Manager

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Show Notes

Albert Pusch

Guest: Albert Pusch

Guest in this episode is Albert Pusch, Managing Director at Omikron Data Solutions GmbH. Albert started at Omikron as a Student Employee in the Marketing Department and quickly after graduating, he got promoted to the Director of Marketing. Since last year, he is Managing Director at Omikron. During his professional life, Albert aspires to base his decisions on Data.



In his managing role Albert is not only trying to make his team data-driven, he also mainly uses a tool most likely everyone used before: Microsoft Excel.

In our conversation, we talked about how his data analytics process looks like and how he is spreading data literacy in his team. We talked about the challenges he experienced with data analytics in a medium-sized company and his experience and tips in communicating data analytics insights to the team.


[02:15] – Albert Introduces Himself

[03:20] – Introduction of Omikron

[06:00] – Challenges for SMUs with Data Analytics

[07:20] – Albert’s Data Analytics Process

[08:40] – How Albert discovers useful data

[10:50] – Albert’s Tool Stack

[12:40] – Example of an Insight Albert generates

[17:00] – Number of Data Sources/Goals of Dashboards

[18:00] – Why do not more SMUs use data?

[20:00] – The role of the Management in Data Analytics

[22:00] – Teaching Data Analytics

[27:30] – Communicating Data Science Results

[32:30] – What is something you would have wished to know earlier?

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