Episode 6: Matt Hilburn – Marketing Research and Data Analytics

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Shoe Notes

Matt Hilburn

Guest: Adam Whalen

Guest in this episode is Matt Hilburn, Vice President of Research and Marketing at the Economic Development Corporation of Utah. Matt did a Bachelor’s in Economics and Business and a Masters Degree in Econometrics.

About the Economic Development Corporation of Utah: “The Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCUtah) is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to building Utah’s economy by creating quality jobs and increasing capital investment in the state. EDCUtah works with state and local government and private industry to attract and grow high-value companies, spur the development and expansion of local businesses, and recruit out-of-state companies to Utah.” – EDCUtah on LinkedIn


Matt and Jonas talked about what the EDCUtah does and Matt’s job there. They also discussed where Marketing Research fits into the Data Science field and how it differs from Market Research. Then they talked about how the EDCUtah uses Surveys, Focus Groups, and one-on-one interviews for their research. In the end, Matt described what in his Analytical Toolbox is and gave some tips for students and companies on how to start with Data Science.


[01:00] – Matt’s Background

[02:40] – What is Matt’s current job?

[04:07] – For whom does the EDCUtah provide data?

[06:03] – What exactly is Marketing Research?

[07:53] – How does Marketing Research compared to Market Research?

[08:55] – What kind of data do you use?

[16:07] – What is the Main Data Source of EDCUtah?

[19:21] – Matt’s Opinion on Focus Groups for Research

[20:58] – How to make a great survey?

[22:43] – What is the deliverable?

[26:06] – What was you biggest challenge?

[30:36] – Matt’s Anlytics Toolbox

[35:05] – How does the EDCUtah store most of the data?

[38:21] – Tipps for companies who want to jump into data science but don’t want to spent a lot yet

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