Episode 2: Jetta Hansen – Data Analytics at Nav Inc.

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Show Notes

Jetta Hansen

Guest: Jetta Hansen

Guest in this episode is Jetta Hansen, Data Analyst at Nav Inc in Salt Lake City. Jetta did a Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Communications and then worked in that field for 6 years before deciding to do a Masters in Business Analytics. In a program that she actually helped launch.

About Nav Inc.: Nav is offering an app where they connect small business owners with financing opportunities. Here they use Data Science to find the best fitting options. Nav also provides educational resources to help small business owners understand and navigate the world of business financing.


Jetta and Jonas talked about how the Data Team is set up at Nav, what kind of data they work with, and what the outcome of their work is. They then talked about the data-driven culture at the company and how the management is measuring the value of the Data Team’s work. In the end, Jetta described her challenges when coming from a different field and starting in Data Science and what tools she mainly uses to do her job.

Disclaimer: I accidentally attributed the theme song to the wrong artist. The Theme Song is from Bobby Renz and called “Jungles”.


[01:27] – Jetta introduces herself

[02:52] – Jetta describes what her current position is

[03:46] – Jetta talks about the size of the Data Department at Nav

[04:19] – Jetta describes the set-up and the workflow of the Team

[05:19] – What kind of data does Nav use?

[06:06] – Jetta describes what the outcome of her work is.

[07:47] – Do you use or create models?

[08:26] – At Nav, the management of the Data Department is embracing the use of data within the company

[09:07] – Due to the prior point, there is not much need to embrace the use of data at Nav

[09:44] – How is the value of the data department valued?

[10:37] – What challenges did Jetta face when beginning her position?

[14:51] – Jetta describes what ETL is

[16:30] – How did you tackle being overwhelmed?

[18:11] – What do you wish you would have known before you started?

[19:20] – What is in your Data Analytics Toolkit?

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