I’m  Jonas Vitt.

Fulbright Scholar & Business Analyst

Jonas Vitt

Who I am

My name is Jonas Vitt. I was born and raised in Karlsruhe, a beautiful city in the south-west of Germany. In July 2020 I received a Master of Science in Business Analytics at the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah.

My goal is to gain the ability to gather, analyze, and present data in an understandable way. Eventually, I want to use my knowledge and experience to consult and support businesses in the field of data analytics and marketing.
On this webiste, I’m writing about the things I learn during my studies.


Recent Posts


A look at COVID-19 Data and the Importance of Testing

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 there have been over 1.6M confirmed cases and 97k deaths globally.[1] Some countries have fared better than others, which lends the question, what are the best actions a governmental entity can take to mitigate – or wholly eliminate – the spread of a virus like COVID-19 without creating long-lasting issues?

Game Day Analytics Challenge

[Infographic] Super Bowl Ad Analysis

Infographic to Super Bowl Ad Analysis. Comedic ads reign dominant in procuring “positive” buzz during the Super Bowl, but balance needs to be trodden.

Podcast |

Podcast |

A bi-weekly Podcast about Data Science, Digital Transformation and how to use data in a business.



This one-year master’s program is designed to teach skills in analytics technologies as well as business management. All courses are hands-on and case-oriented. 

Courses I have taken include Machine LearningData MiningStatistics & Predictive AnalyticsDatabase Theory and Design, and Data Visualization.

My bachelor’s degree was mainly divided into two areas. First, Business Administration. Here I studied a variety of subjects. From general business administration and the basics of economicsmathematics, and statistics, to contract, tax, and media law. But also topics including cost 

and performance accounting.

The second area of my studies was Marketing. I took classes in brand, reputation, and innovation management, as well as Digital MarketingInternational Marketing, and Market Research. Further, I took courses in productdistribution, and sales management and Marketing Controlling.

In my bachelor’s thesis, I covered the topic of Growth Hacking. The title was: Growth Hacking – Just a Buzzword?


“The Fulbright Program offers international educational and cultural exchange programs for passionate and accomplished students, scholars, artists, teachers, and professionals of all backgrounds to study, teach, or pursue important research and professional projects.” – eca.state.gov

The MSBA Scholarship is merit-based and is awarded to non-resident students. The amount is based on the performance in the application essay.


More Articles

AI in Marketing

How AI Supports Marketing Professionals

When AI is mentioned, people think first about how AI will make jobs on the shop floor or similar jobs irrelevant. For Business Analytics professionals, AI will not necessarily make their job irrelevant but easier and more efficient.

How B2B Companies use Content Marketing

How B2B Companies use Content Marketing

The B2B buying process is long and requires a lot of information. Content marketing is a tool to create brand awareness and to generate customers.

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